Focus on Quality

Interplanetary Designs began when we couldn’t find a high quality solar system necklace. Because that focus on quality led us to begin the whole adventure, we’ve always placed an incredible importance on the highest quality materials and construction techniques possible.

Through the years we’ve seen many other Solar System Necklaces pop up across the web, but we still believe that our products, including our original Solar System Necklace stand apart due to that quality.

Solar System Necklace

Exceptional Natural Gemstones

  Vibrant and representative color
  Consistent and interesting patterning
  Strong stones for durability
  Highly polished and well cut shapes

When it comes to choosing the the materials that bring our designs to life, we look for beads with the colors and patterns that recall the cosmos. Our space jewelry is always designed to highlight the beauty in each bead and to let the natural swirls and striations shine. We always strive for minimalism in our designs, preferring to let the beauty come from the amazing materials that nature has provided.

Assembled with Care by Hand

Each and every piece of space jewelry that we make is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado by our husband and wife team. We assemble every single piece, and nothing is ever outsourced.

We know everything there is to know about all of our designs and because we create every piece individually and by hand, we’re able to alter our designs in any way that a customer requests. If you need a necklace or bracelet to be longer, shorter, or simply prefer a change in the design, let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Space Jewelry Design Process
Space Jewelry Packaging

Thoughtfully Created Packaging

Does packaging matter?
We think so. Many of our products are purchased as gifts, and we want to make gift giving as easy as possible.

Our packaging always includes a sturdy storage box with a foam insert to keep your jewelry as safe as possible. We encase the box in a cut and metallic sleeve to keep everything exactly where you want it. Wrapped in silver paper with black and purple ribbons, and with personal note included on a custom star clasped stationary, we think our packaging makes the gift giving experience personal and special.