Meet the Artist

All of the designs featured on our poroducts are created by me, Mika Hutton. First and foremost, I'm a mom and a wife. I treasure my family, and they're by far the most important aspect of who I am.

I work as a full time data scientist for a marketing firm, and love creating art in my free time. from astrophotography, to watercolor painting, there's just something about the creative process that brings me so much joy.

How We Began

The idea for this shop began with a giant stack of watercolor paintings and very limited wall space. While painting has always been a calming and meditative process for me, it began to feel unsatisfying to simply chuck another finished piece into the pile.

My husband, Jon, suggested printing one of my paintings on a pillow. That’s when the whole idea began to take shape. As I researched the best print houses to help with the project, I began to realize there may well be applications for many of my pieces on home décor items.

After searching through every printer possible, we found ourselves in an excellent partnership to produce high-quality apparel and home goods for anyone who’d like a little more art in their life.

  • Quality

    The first step in any of our production processes is to evaluate the quality of the product. There may be cheaper options around, but we won't compromise on quality.

  • Uniqueness

    Every one of our designs is created by me, Mika Hutton, from start to finish. Our art is sold here, and only here.

  • Customer Service

    We firmly beleive that neither the quality or uniqueness of our items means anything without our customers. That's why we have a 100% focus on customer service.

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